IAW Artist Series: Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern

Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern is an artist and educator from New Jersey. Check out her website for more!

Lisa’s artistic statement:

I am a figurative painter whose work is informed by a love of art historical images, and our contemporary culture of technology and fashion. The central theme of the work is based upon a duality– the coexistence of old and familiar with ever emerging new material that challenges and assimilates established concepts. This manifests in the paintings as a blending of images, which often takes on a surrealistic quality. The surreal aspects of daily life are often more evident than are felt or acknowledged.

In accordance with the elaborate manner of both high, painterly tradition and couture, each painting must be visually captivating, lush, and seductive –with impactful color, sparkly textures, and surfaces. After the initial impact, the viewer is invited to uncover other levels of recognizable material or motifs that help to build a narrative or thematic description. The element of discovery is very important to the success of the work and connection to the viewer experience.

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